Sean is one of the founders of both Eidola Records and Vacuity Basement he has played with Yo Zushi and has recorded with the likes of Michael Rodham-Heaps (Autotistic, Ice-Bird Spiral and Non-Feric Memories).

Lo-Fi Disco Blues (E011CD) was originally released in 2002 it has this year been re-issued as a digital download available from the Eidola Records. He does lo-fi folky stuff under the moniker A sleeper’s union, plays drums in a noise-rock band called MEAT or Geoff Capes, makes a variety of noise under the guise of Sex_Arm and is currently preparing his new project Skelethorr, as well as the new VB album. He has a collaboration with Michael Rodham-Heaps/ Autotistica that you can hear here on soundcloud.

He lives by the sea.