Eidola Records formed in the late 1990s around the band Vacuity Basement to release principly avant-garde, noise, experimental and proto free folk genres and sub-genres and so on. The label was eventually wound up as the people involved dissipated and other things took priority. After years of idle threats we're back.

Joseph Martin/Joey Chainsaw/Black and White Noise Progression

Our first release - The Sylvia Beech EP (as y... records) - featured not only several contributions from Joe but each of the 20 unlimited edition jiffy bag editions featured a different photograph supplied by Joe. The second release and first Eidola Release proper E1CA featured Joe on at least one track, if not more. The artwork for the 3rd was Joe's and so on and so on. Even though we didn't release much of Joe's solo output or, having wound the label up, any of his later output, he was a huge presence in the formation of Eidola Records. Others have assembled his recorded output at the Joey Chain Archive included most, if not all, of his Eidola Records output.

Discography (incomplete)

Note that the the catelogue numbers have been foolishly recycled.

ID Title Artist Date Format Notes
Y001CD Sylvia Beech Various 1998-01-01 CD

Release under Eidola Records forerunner Y… Records

E1CA Unkown various 2000-01-01 Cassette

Compilation tape feat. Christmas Tranquility, Vacuity Basement (pos), Black and White Progression(pos), Boney King of Nowhere(pos)

E002CA Somewhere I Have Never Travelled / Information Vacuity Basement 2001-01-01 Cassette

Artwork by Joseph Martin

E003CD After Freezing in the Snow We Did This Christmas Tranquility 2001-01-01 CD

A copy of this album is available form the Joey Chainsaw Archive

E004CD Gist Autotistic 2001-01-01 CD
E006CD The Three Of Us Together and Apart Various 2001-01-01 CD

This releases features recording of various combinations of Matthew Chandler, Neil Daoud and Joseph Martin. The tracks featuring Joe are available from https://joeychainsawarchive.bandcamp.com/album/the-three-of-us-together-and-apart

E007CD Approaching Invisible Autotistic 2001-01-01 CD
E009CD EP1 Autotistic 2001-01-01 CD
E010CD EP2 Autotistic 2001-01-01 CD
E011CD Lo-Fi Disco Blues Sean James King 2002-01-01 CD
E0012CD Postmark Autotistic 2002 CD
E001 Bye Bye Blackbird Yo Zushi 2014-05-01 CD Buy
E002 It Never Entered My Mind Yo Zushi 2015-01-19 CD and Digital Buy
E003 201200 2014-11-01 CD Buy
E004 Blue Christmases Yo Zushi 2014-12-01 Buy
E005 Miskatonic Valentine/Careless Love/I Can’t Wait To See Her Again Yo Zushi 2015-08-10 Digital Buy
E006 Lofi Disco Blues 2014-10-04 CD Buy
E007 Happy New Year Yo Zushi 2015-12-01 Digital Buy